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Dicky Continental is Rich Thair, drummer and co-founder of pioneering Nu jazz and trip hop band Red Snapper, who have to date released eight acclaimed albums via Warp and Lo Recordings.

His new album Un was recorded, mixed and produced by Rich in his Welsh Studio. Un, Welsh for 'one', features 11 tracks which all fell together in the right shape. Often the first, simple ideas were the best and weren't overthought or convoluted.

Un captures the sound of his live drums, percussion and keys, a broken piano and the sounds of malfunctioning vintage equipment, alongside field recordings from travels, dirty breaks and samples from his chaotic record collection.

The track 'Mavron' features the Welsh string quartet Mavron live, who Rich had the chance to record at The Millennium Centre, Cardiff. Other moments are the recordings of Dicky destroying an untuneable piano, perceptively titled 'Broken Piano'.

The two singles taken from the album, 'Make Them Disappear' and 'Split', both feature the soulful vocals of Jo Sims. Rich and Jo have been friends since the 90s' London Club scene. Rich sent the instrumentals, and the vocals Jo came back with were exactly what he was after.

Dicky Continental's Un is about moods and atmospheres, edges and angles, light and darkness. Downbeat soul to take you on your own journey.

In the 1990s/'00s, Rich drummed for the likes of The Sabres of Paradise, The Sandals, The Beloved, Basement Jaxx and Heather Nova. He was a member of The Aloof and ran Flaw Recordings with DJ Dean Thatcher. Flaw Recordings released the first two Aloof albums and the first three Red Snapper E.P.s before going on to sign to Warp Records.

He continues to release albums and tour with Red Snapper, releases experimental electronic percussive music with JakeOne as Petwo Evans, and released the Number album on Sunday Best Records with long-term Snapper bass partner, Ali Friend.

1. Make Them Disappear (Featuring Jo Sims)
2. Simon Says
3. Honeysuckle
4. Split (Featuring Jo Sims)
5. Evolution 2
6. Chico Florres
7. Broken Piano
8. Mavron (Featuring The Mavron Quartet)
9. Pike
10. The Graveyard of Ambition
11. Hammersmith